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It's been an odd couple months... make that years. I started this pandemic with an attempt to take time rediscovering my creativity and getting in touch with the things that make me happy! 

This page has been dedicated to any and all projects that get my creative juices flowing! Whether it be writing, music, cooking, painting, dancing, drawing, designing, acting etc. 

2022 is a continuation of many things, completion of the half started, and beginning of so many projects that make my soul hopeful for the future. xx

Script Work

Learning Lines

The Breakup

That's a wrap on another short film! Stay tuned for The Breakup!

Jungle Corner

Plants make me happy so I may have run a bit wild with them... This is just the start


Catching rays and making plans


I'm loving all the colours of spring <3


Decided to indulge in one of my favourite books


The colours <3

All work and lots of play

Work paired with blueberry pancakes really doesn't feel like work

More plants

... Can you ever have too many?


Decided to try some abstract art, inspired by and created with my wonderful partner


Love the way these pots turned out! Definitely need to paint some more!

Above Her Lips

Things are happening again! Back to filming - Covid style


What better way to celebrate than cupcakes!


These nails were such a vibe and I love the matte


Have you ever tried roasted radish? If not, you need to. Now.

Blend it

Making my own blend for some battered halloumi cheese bites!

Christmas 2021

It's Christmas at the photo lab! Decorating the tree is always one of my favourite parts of the holidays

Feed me!

Comfort foods to the max

Jane Eyre

Things may have been cut short due to the rise in cases again but I can't express how good it felt to be back on a real stage, even for a little bit

Christmas Panto

It was wonderful to support my friends in this Pantones at Guelph Little Theatre

To Die For

This play was... To Die For! Great work to all involved!

Dan Mangan

Masks on, volume up! Feeling very thankful that I was able to get in a concert between lockdowns! Awaiting the next time we're able to gather again


Had a great time shooting with my cousin today! I'm so proud of the great work he does!

Morning Music

Feels like home having my piano back with me <3 Not to get playing again

Let's write

Partnering up with a friend for some new music! Stayed tuned!


Summer wouldn't be complete without a beach shoot!

Impact 21

Amazing work to Kate KM for her performance at Impact 21 and to Ahmad Meree for his play I Don't Know! These outdoor venues were brilliant!

Always A Bridesmaid

I had so much fun playing this upbeat comedic character! You can take the girl out of the south but not the south out of the girl


Patio drinks and script work

Beach Shoots

Another great shoot with Cody Quinn this summer!


I'm amazed at how my lavender has exploded!

Norma Before Monroe

Photoshoot for Norma Before Monroe! We're almost there!

We Could Be

First show back, I missed seeing live theatre!

Make it up

Your face is your pallet, make up is the paint


Had the chance to visit an old favourite spot and review some new scripts

Rez Sisters

Stratford hit it out of the park again with their performance of The Rez Sisters

Daily Reminders

Reminding myself that being broken doesn't mean you're not worthy, useful, or beautiful

Daily Reminder

Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce - Shakespeare

Sneak Peek

Did a super fun shoot with Cody Quinn back in August but got a bit busy and haven't had the chance to post on here!

It's time to go back

Painted this nostalgic clock so I always know what time it is in my favourite place

"You're Cute"

Made some cute doormats with my roommate a few weeks ago

let's grow

Needed some new artwork on the wall so I brushed up (pun intended) on my water colour skills :)

Burn baby Burn

Decided to try a new skill and wood burned this little box!

My muse

Trying to spend more time writing and playing guitar, but it's hard when your cat is so cute

Sneak Peak

Working on a super secret, hopefully one day it'll happen, EP or album (depends how many good songs I can get out)!

Let's Make Something Good

I have the incredible honour to work alongside so amazing artists in writing a new collection of theatre acts! We're down to the grind!

Film Tests

Had a blast meeting and working with my future co-star of an upcoming short film! Stay tuned!

Late night paints

Decided to revamp my old phone case and try different painting techniques

Fresh and Delicious

I'm learning that I love growing my own food and cooking with clean healthy and bright vegetables makes me very happy :)

Summer Photoshoots

Had a wonderful beach shoot this past weekend in Hamilton, very excited to see the final products!

Who Am I This Time?

Playing Helene Shaw up next in ECT's virtual theatre - "Who Am I This Time" Directed by John Dibben

Photoshoot with Cody Quinn

Had another great exploration session at Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto! Very excited to see the photos!

Jane Eyre

Up Next! From Elora Community Theatre, a virtual production go Jane Eyre where I'll have the pleasure of playing Blanche Ingram

Testing testing

Making a real attempt at self-production and recording my own music! (wish me luck!)

Hashtag Noor

I got to reunite with Hashtag Noor and our wonderful photographer Anmol for another set of new fashion!

Live Streaming Midsummer Nights Dream

What a crazy experience performing a show virtually, alone in my room, with all these other brilliant actors!

Mask Making

Early on in quarantine I pulled out my sewing machine and reacquainted myself with how to craft and make these masks to donate

Photo Editing

Taking the free time I had to catch up on some photo editing!

Mock-up Portraiture

Reference images for a series of paintings I'm hoping to complete!


The start of these 5 paintings - in progress

Song Writing

I've spent a lot of time getting to know my instruments again and will hopefully be posting rough versions of my songs soon!


It's been a long time since I had a piano in my vicinity but I'm excited to relearn and incorporate piano in to my songs

What's Next!

Very excited to be playing Helena in ECT's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"! We will be performing online June 7th and with any luck, we'll be able to take it to the parks once things reopen!

Virtual Play Readings

The way of the future - Getting together online for modern rehearsals

Script Work

First look out our wonderful script. I'm looking forward to the table work, dissection, and character studies <3

My loves

It's been amazing to finally have the time to dust off all my instruments and give them the proper love they deserve

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

The first of many (hopefully) staged readings! Video below for the full reading!

Quarantine Photoshoots

Was able to pull out my old violin for a photoshoot - Large outdoor spaces and long distance lenses are a friend of quarantine! Photos to come!


Beginnings are hard. 

They’re scary. 





Beginnings define moments. 

When you can’t step back .

When your past is over.                                    

   And you're f







                                                                      through black.

There’s no answers. No manual. No guidance. No help.

Beginnings are hard.

Because you’ve never been there before.

ea             um                                                                                                                                                

You l     p. You j     p. You st    ble. You tri  . You make mistakes. You second guess. You get        . With no map.

um                 p                                                                      

                                                                                                                                   l       o        s       t      

But you do it

You do it

Get up. Choose again. Stay your course. Navigate.

Every start you’ve ever had.

Gathers tools and starts again.

Each one with different challenges. Different fears. Different gains.

Beginnings are HARD

But It’s okay

Just start

—  Monday, Poem Challenge

Writings and Randoms


Sometimes it feels like nothing exists

All I experience isn’t really there

It’s all an illusion

I never existed at all

Shadows and light

Bouncing off moments of reality 

Slipping through my fingers

It never existed

I never existed at all



We exist in relation to others

In the absence of others do we exist?



My own personal siren

Seducing with her tongue

The melody of her words cling to the inside of my lungs


Embedded in my skull

After years of separation

I still hear her call

Parting lips in hesitation


Sing to me and make me fall

My name inside your mouth is all

I’ve ever really wanted so

I’ll die from the withdrawal



Sinking into an echo chamber of my own thoughts

Repeating and beating into me the things I’m missing




Encompassed by all that matters to me



I need you

I need me

I need more

Crave more

In an echo chamber of my thoughts

I see who I can be

Feel who I should be

Am just out of touch

Of the thing I want to be

But I’m closer than I’ll ever be

Than outside

With perspective

With distance

With time

With the pulse and tremble

Of cleansing toxicity 

This room evolves deeper

I become clearer

To the basic human nature

Of me


At some point you stopped apologizing

There were no excuses

No promises to do better

Just the absence of when you used to care



The gravity escaped me

Of what I did

Of what I said

Of what you had me believe was my choosing

Disillusioned and numb to what should have, could have, been amazing moments 

Sexual awakenings

Romantic connections

Attachments that built the raw version of me




Here she stands

A girl with no hands

She touched the stars

And they turned to sand

Lightning struck

A the glass shards formed

She embraced them quickly

As her clothes were torn

She used the glass 

With no hands to fight back

Or protect her face

Here she stands

A girl with no hands

She touched the stars

And they turned to sand


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